Wonder Book Club: Week 4

I have discovered why I don’t enjoy watching a series until it’s all released. I can’t stop reading if it hits a good part. Luckily, we read Via’s chapters this week. So I didn’t have to be a cheater and skip ahead a bit. I’m really glad we got to learn a bit more about her and how she feels having August as a brother. It’s a side of the story we don’t always think about. While she had been put on the backburner most of her life, she accepted it as she loved her brother. You can feel the love she has for him in these pages.

The question for the week was

‘Via has had to put Auggie’s needs before her own ever since he was born. How do you think that makes Via feel?’

I’m sure she felt unimportant on occasion but you can tell her love for him outweighs any feelings she may have.  My son, Loki, said it would probably make her sad. I’m not sure he truly understands the question at 5.

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