Wonder Book Club: Week 3

We read pages 24-80 this week. I feel like it was almost cruel to leave off with that page. I need to know what happens and I’m looking forward to finishing this book. August had to learn a very sad, but true lesson. People who act like your friends, may not be. I’m hoping everything is cleared up in the next few chapters but I noticed that they’re from his sister’s point of view.

On the Wonder Facebook page, they asked this question.

Auggie’s teacher Mr. Browne’s precept is: ‘Your deeds are your monuments.’ What would your precept be?

I’ve been thinking about the question for a little while and I’m still not completely sure. Maybe ‘You make your own happiness’ but I’m sure it’ll change in the following week. Life is too fluid to stick with one percept….that may even work here.

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