Vulnerable Pieces by Allie Able Review

Vulnerable Pieces Book Cover Vulnerable Pieces
A Cape Isle novel
Allie Able
November 29, 2016

Jenna: After getting my heart trampled on by a man, I am in no hurry to ever go through that again. I go back to school, get my degree, and move to Cape Isle. For two years, I am content with my boring, practical life, until Parker Hamilton comes strolling into town with his tailored suits and his dirty talking mouth.
Our arrangement is supposed to be simple: just sex. Of course the universe has other plans and once again I am left vulnerable to a man.

Parker: I spent the last few years working my ass off to open up my own law firm back in my hometown. I don't have the time for a relationship, nor do I want the stress that comes from having to deal with one. All of that changes for me the minute I meet Jenna Hudson. Our 'friends with benefits' arrangement quickly becomes something more for me, but I'm not sure Jenna will ever allow herself to feel the same way.
When real life slaps us in the face, I have to try to figure out how to make this guarded girl believe that I am not going anywhere.
She can try to push me away all she wants, but I'll be damned if I'm going to leave her alone to deal with her vulnerable pieces.


There is 26 letter in the alphabet, and we use all these letters when we talk to each other. But an author shifts those letters into a whole different world, they have the power to create these character that we so desperately cling to. Understand that just because an author can make these characters, doesn’t mean that all authors have the ability to make you feel the same emotions that the characters are experiencing. So when I find authors, that are capable of ripping my heart out with just the use of these 26 letters. You can guarantee that I am going to file that author under my favorites folder and re-read their books over and over.

This book is the final addition to the Cape Isle series, I have been on the journey with all eight of these characters. I have watched them grow and learn to love, I have seen their heartache and felt their pain. What can I tell you about this book without giving away spoilers?

Jenna has felt the stinging pain that comes with a toxic relationship, she knows all too well what happens when you give up control to the wrong person. So when she finally gets away from the shattered remains of that broken relationship, she is lost and doesn’t know who she is. Because when you love someone you offer up pieces of yourself. But when you are in a toxic relationship, the partner takes those pieces and gives you nothing in return. Leaving you with nothing but a hole, and the more you give the more they take. So when you finally leave, you find yourself mentally scared. Afraid to let anyone in and when you finally find someone that has the ability to love you completely, you don’t think it is possible. You fight against the current to try and keep yourself whole because you worked so hard to build yourself up again. This story is more than just a silly romance, this story is about a woman learning to how to be loved.

Maybe I am reading to much into this book, but I know that this book has the ability to make you feel. The ability to cut you open and stitch you back together.

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