Top Ten Books To Read If Your Book Club Likes Diversity

books-to-read-if-your-book-club-likes-diversityI love reading diverse books for numerous reasons. I can’t stand to read the same characters over and over, which seems to happen quite often. People write what they know and in this period, people are afraid they might offend someone by writing something or asking for help.  I’m finding a lot more thanks to ‘We Need Diverse Books’ and this facebook group.  This is also a great resource for authors looking to write more diverse characters! When I saw this top ten Tuesday I just knew I had to do Diversity. We all need a bit more of it in our lives. I hope you like my list of books I think your book club would like. Let me know in the comments if you have read them or will! (All titles are links to the book!)

American Gods by Neil Gaiman – One, I love Gaiman. He is a favorite author of mine and writes beautifully. I loved this book and it has a very diverse cast. (Rating:R Genre:Mythology or fantasy)

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison – This is my first Toni Morrison and it won’t be my last. The story is heartbreaking but also beautiful. Fantastic fiction. (Rating:R Genre: Women’s Fiction with a touch of fantasy)

The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson – I loved this transgender novel. It really dug its way into my heart. (Rating:PG-13 Genre:Teen LGBTQIA)

Soulless by Gail Carriger – While this book isn’t extremely diverse, it does have Gay characters and I adore them. I adore Gail too. Just read this book. (Rating:R Genre:Steampunk Fantasy)

Law of Moses by Amy Harmon – I’m a little over half way through this book and I am really enjoying it. It’s nice having an interracial main couple as I’ve read very few romances like that. The paranormal touches are great too! (Rating:R Genre:New Adult paranormal romance?)

180 Days by T.E. Ridener – I enjoyed this series of books. The main character in this one is Transgender and I have a thing for Transgender books! It’s full of drama but I love it. (Rating:R Genre:Contemporary Romance)

My Delicate Destruction by Jillian Ashe – This series rocks. It has a Diverse cast, mostly women kicking ass IN SPACE, and later, Kat gets the best pet ever. (PS. Ricky is the best character) (Rating:PG-13 Genre: SciFi)

Before I Go by Colleen Oakley – ARE YOU READY TO UGLY CRY? if yes, read this book. The main character has an illness and I love her, I love the book, I love the author but I also hate her because she made me cry….a lot. (Rating:PG-13 Genre:Women’s Fiction)

Fault in our Stars by John Green – I know, I know, everyone has seen the movie…but if you haven’t read the book, you need to! It’s a fantastic story. (Rating:PG-13 Genre: Teen)

Carry on by Rainbow Rowell – Do you love Harry Potter? You might love this novel. It’s pretty much a Harry potter fanfic featuring a bisexual Harry! It was fun to read! (Rating:PG-13 Genre: Teen Paranormal)

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