The Fractured Fallen by Carver Pike Review

The Fractured Fallen Book Cover The Fractured Fallen
Edge of Reflection
Carver Pike
Dark Fantasy Romance
October 16, 2016

On the run from ruthless outlaws and sadistic soldiers, Gabe and his new friends take Lisa and her babies to the dark mirror version of Chicago to seek the one supernatural seer who might be able to tell them where to go for safety. But in a desolate city full of desperate wackos, survival isn't all that easy. Plus, there are those pesky dark side assassins hot on their trail.

This is a dark fantasy romance with some graphic content.

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The newest book in the Edge of Reflection series, will take you on a ride you never expected. In this new installment we learn what roles the twins will have in the dark, twisted, and bloody future. We learn how and why there are two sides of the mirror. We gather new friends and get to go on a journey that will change everything.

Of course, Carver Pike does a fantastic job bringing these characters to life in a story that will leave you begging for more. After he finishes playing with your heartstrings.

Imagine we have a mixing bowl and Carver is adding in ingredients to make the perfect story. So in goes the a dash of romance, a shit ton of horror, a splash of drama, a bit of fantasy to (give you that out of this world feeling), plot twist that leave you guessing and background stories that fill in the missing spaces. Each ingredient doesn’t take away from the other, nor do they over shadow one another. Instead you get a taste of it all as the flavors act as a complement to the total flavor of the story. So in the end, writing can be like cooking. You need this balancing recipe to make the perfect dish, or in this case, story.

XOXO,  Zara


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