The Doctor is traveling in America? Say what? (and I feel it was Meh)

Doctor Who: The American Adventures Book Cover Doctor Who: The American Adventures
Justin Richards
Science Fiction
October 25, 2016

Travel through time and space with the Twelfth Doctor in these six brand new
adventures, set in a host of locations across the US and eras from throughout
US history.

An invisible spacecraft turns up at the Battle of New Orleans, an alien presence
is detected at the 1944 D-Day landings, and ghosts take over New York's
subway tunnels as they're being dug in the early 1900s...

Filled with mystery, excitement and the Doctor's trademark wit, these timeywimey
stories will delight any Doctor Who fan.

It’s no secret I’m completely obsessed with all things The Doctor. I’ve read a few books and even have a handful of vintage stories in my collection. When I saw this I just couldn’t pass it up. The Twelfth Doctor traveling America? SOLD. Peter has been my favorite Doctor of the reboot even if I dislike Clara. I originally wanted to review each story but have decided against it as I felt the American Adventures were a bit meh. It’s also written by the same author so I didn’t feel a need to talk about each alone. I wouldn’t say I disliked them. I will say that most were three-stars and none reached over a four. They were good but they weren’t my favorite Doctor Who tales. The first complaint I had was the flat feeling to it all. It didn’t feel like THE DOCTOR, but more of a bland character. Short stories often have this problem as only a few Authors can truly build a story before ending it a few pages later. The also felt a bit repetitive. Of course, you know that The Doctor was going to save the day in the end. It seemed like he wrote a plot-line and just changed the specifics.

That all being said, I think if you read them with a bit of time in-between they would have felt more original. I did enjoy them and would read a full story by this author if I had the chance. Shorts are just a hard art to master. If you’re a fan of Capaldi and like to get through an adventure in 30 pages, this could be the read for you.

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