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It seems the question is always the same when I meet a new author. Even if they have been at the game for a while, they’re always looking for more reviews. Whether it’s from bloggers or asking their fans to review after reading, it’s no easy task. While I do know some super readers that can read over 300 books a year, most do not. This makes finding people to not only read your book but to also review it moderately difficult. Not having enough reviews can cause you multiple issues in your publishing journey. We’re talking not being allowed to advertise on amazon, post on book ‘push’ sites, and some reviewers/buyers may even pass up a book that doesn’t have enough feedback. I hope that this post can help you find the reviews you need to spring your writing career forward!

Get active in your book community.

This is an easy one and it can easily make or break you. While finding a group that focuses on your genre will be easy, it may be difficult if you have different viewpoints as those people. Take a bit to search for a community that fits you. I personally enjoy the community that surrounds Thursday Confessions at Indie Authors and Book Blogs. Most of us have similar views, it includes authors as well as bloggers, all genres welcome, and they do a lot to help out newer authors. The more a blogger or reader talks to you, the more they will want to read your book or do a review for you. This takes time and if you get involved in drama it could damage your success. Just as a tip, if you realize you have different ideals than the group you’re joining, only participate in debate if you have to. Try not to get to wrapped in drama, I’ve seen this go horribly multiple times.

Send out emails. 

This can be more difficult. I normally only respond to emails I feel were sent to me and not a mass message. At one point I was getting 30-100 emails a day and have since closed my requests due to this.  Out of all the emails I would get, only a small handful were personal inquiries.  You should look for active bloggers, that obviously read your genre, that are currently open for requests, and email them. Sometimes they have a form that will need to be filled out; most of the time these are so they get the facts they need before accepting a book. Emails don’t have to be long. Make sure you include the basics – book title, author name, page count, genre, excerpt, and a buy link is appreciated. I use buy links to get a full feel for the book. This is where being involved in your community helps, if you have a previous relationship with this person, you could send them a nice message and they are more likely to respond.

Check these lists out:

The Indie View – book reviewer list

Indie Authors & Book Blogs blog list. 


It seems like common knowledge right? Apparently, a lot of authors have an issue with this. When an author messages me, I will search online for them first. I want to know if they’ve attacked reviewers for bad reviews, or even reviews that aren’t 5 stars. I will look at the comments on their reviews and see if they’re behaving badly. I’ve been attacked over 1&2 star reviews, and I understand how that could happen; Likewise, I been attacked for 3 & 4-star reviews as well, and that makes no sense to me. A 3-star review is a good review! Take all reviews gracefully and if you don’t agree, DO NOT COMMENT or better yet, Thank them for their time. This shows maturity and sanity. I refuse to review for authors that have attacked reviewers for their opinions. Also, do not send your friends or family to attack the person. It’s just a bad look.

Search hashtags and socialize on social media! 

I have accepted multiple books from people who have shot me a message on social media. Even more so if they have been following me and active for a while. This goes back to being active in your community. A few authors that I have become friends with found me via the #bookreviewer hashtag. There are so many hashtags you can search and bloggers love their followers!

Ask your fans to post their reviews, no matter the length.

If you have a fanbase, ask them to post a review. Tell them a single sentence would mean the world to you. It may have slipped a few people’s mind so don’t be afraid to write one of those ‘I love all reviews!’ posts. It can only help you!

It takes time to find people to review your book, and it’s not always easy . By building connections, you will do just fine.  The book community is packed with reviewers and authors trying to find each other. Finding reviewers to spread the love for your book will help you more than you realize. Just be friendly and keep writing!

I’m a geek blogger, mom, a wife, and a reader. My family and I are currently living in the beautiful state of Colorado. I started my blog after I landed myself in the hospital for multiple pulmonary embolisms. It took over a year to diagnose me with lupus among other things. It’s been a long journey but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I read all genres and I write about anything I feel like; From my issues with Lupus/RA/pulmonary embolisms to what is going on in the book world. Every day is a new adventure!
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4 thoughts on “On the Books: How to get book reviews

  1. I. Love. This. Post. I agree 100% that getting involved with your community is key to being a successful writer.

    I’m not one of those who gets hundreds of review requests, but I am much more willing to read books outside my comfort zone to help out people I know.

    Thanks for the link to the Indie Authors & Book Blogs list, too. I hadn’t seen that one before.

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