On The Books: 10 Causes of Bookworm Rage

We have all had those moments that make you want to pull your hair out or scream like a velociraptor.  They may not happen often, but when they do you question what is going through that person’s head; I know I do. These are my top bookworm rages. Do you have one that I didn’t list? Comment below and let me know! I would love to read your thoughts on my first list since switching hosts!

1. When a friend says they don’t read:

You sit there thinking did I hear them right? Did they just say they don’t read? What do you do with all your free time? Sometimes I just want to ask them what the last book they read was, but I’m not ready for that pain. It’s hard to imagine some people don’t read a single book after getting out of school.

2. Watching a movie that doesn’t follow the book:

We all know the feeling. ‘No.no.no. this is all wrong! His hair needs to be brown! AHHHH!’ or ‘What is she doing! That’s not what happens AT ALL!’ It might even get to the point where you feel the need to shout it in the theater but you remember that time you were removed a few months ago. It’s almost painful and you try to hold it in so you’re not ‘that person’ but internally you’re screaming ‘THIS ISN’T THE BOOK AT ALL’.

3. Receiving a Damaged book:

I have damaged a borrowed book before but I HAVE to replace it. There is no question about it. Some people don’t get the memo. I feel like I need a ‘how to book’ for the front of all mine. I could easily sum it up too!

  • No Dog-earing the book
  • Don’t spill anything on the book
  • Do NOT write in the book
  • Don’t bend the book back on itself.

This isn’t even my main problem when loaning books, and that leads me to my next rage inducing issue.

4. Getting Book-napped:

I always make sure a book gets home if I borrow it, so when I don’t get a book back I get a bit upset. I understand when things come up (I currently have a book of Jude’s from Platypire Reviews that I need to ship back), but don’t booknap me! All my precious babies matter to me!



5. when someone doesn’t read your recommended book

This is a huge issue with my husband. He gets upset if I don’t read the books he recommends but NEVER (yes never) reads the books I recommend to him. I’ve read 15 books that he has asked me to read but he still hasn’t read a single one of mine. NOT ONE. Maybe after he reads this he will finally read a book I want him to….but probably not.

6. Your friend hates a book you love.

Of course, they’re wrong. How could anyone hate one of your favorite books? It’s easily one of the best books you’ve ever read. Just assume they read it wrong or confused it with another book. You don’t want this to damage your only friendship. After all, you don’t have time to build a new one with all these books on your TBR!

7. Waiting forever for the next book in the series:

Oh, the pain and suffering caused by authors holding the story hostage. I’m looking at you, Patrick Rothfuss & George R. R. Martin. 5+ years is too long! WE NEED THE STORY NOW OR ELSE. In reality, we know we will end up waiting another few years but that doesn’t lessen our rage when it comes to finding out what happens.

8. Ebooks that cost more than paper copies:

That doesn’t make me want to buy a paper copy…that makes me find another book or check my library. Sometimes the book is dollars less than the ebook! WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT? IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. This is mostly big publishers, so I have this to say…THIS IS WHY YOUR EBOOK SALES ARE DOWN. It is not the indie book community cutting into your profit, you’re just being ridiculous.

9. Being interrupted while reading:

There are times I have to hide so I can finish a book. It seems like the second I open a book someone has to talk to me. Last time I tried to read in a public place I was stopped so many times that I just put my book down. It wasn’t even worth it. Let me sum up any questions you may have about what I am currently doing.

  • Yes I am reading
  • The book is very good
  • Yes I like reading
  • The title is on the cover

NOTE: If you have this problem, wear headphones, they work! 

10. When a review or a blurb has unannounced spoilers.

I cannot count how many times this has happened to me. I’ll read a review to decide if I want to purchase a book and a reviewer gives away the ending. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? Now I only read reviews from my trusted reviewer friends because I hate having things spoiled for me. If you’re a reviewer, add a frickin spoiler tag please.

8 thoughts on “On The Books: 10 Causes of Bookworm Rage

  1. loved this one, and yes the last one is like sacred for me, and you wouldn’t believe me but it insane the volume of people that own blogs that does i always try to be cryptic if anything i need to say will give away something

  2. I hate, HATE, H.A.T.E it when someone starts to speak to me while I’m reading. I can read in a living room with Terminator playing on the TV, I can read in a wedding while the bride is coming in, but I just want to burn almost everyone when they see I’m with a book and speak to me. C’mon, feels like I’m cheating on it!

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