How to enjoy your summer with Lupus

Enjoy your summer with lupusIt’s that time of year again! Even with sun sensitivity, I want to make the most of my summer.  Since being diagnosed with Lupus it seems to get more difficult every year. I also know it’s against the law to stay inside all summer if you live in Colorado. It’s just too gorgeous here and we have beautiful hiking scenes on almost every corner.  I’ve taught myself how to survive Colorado’s sun. I hope it helps a few other lupies or those with sun sensitivity.

Stay Hydrated!

I find myself getting dehydrated insanely fast in the summer. Even if you think you’re drinking enough, you probably aren’t. If you’re like me, get a fancy water bottle. Mine keeps my drinks cold for up to 24 hours! It helps me keep up if my water is always cold.

Protect yourself!

Before I leave my house I make sure I’m covered in sunscreen and I have a bit hat on. If I don’t have a high SPF, I’ll flare. I reapply it often and try to pick a shady hiking area. Staying protected has saved me so many times. While I might be tired the next few days, I’m not flaring or sunburned. Don’t forget bug spray!

Get a ton of sleep!

Sleep is the best medicine sometimes. While it might not seem like a lot, hitting the hay a few hours early could really jump start your next day adventures. Even if I wake up a bit earlier it seems to help.


Electrolytes? yes, please!

If you’re going to be out longer than a casual walk, grab a Gatorade or something similar. You’ll need the electrolytes. You could even put a bit of salt in your water or bring a few salty snacks. We always bring jerky, electrolyte drinks, and peanut butter for long hikes.

Just remember to not push yourself too hard and to stop if you’re not enjoying yourself. Adventures should make you happy not miserable. I have had to cancel plans due to not being 100%. It happens. Remind yourself that your health is #1. That being said, don’t let your chronic illness hold you back! Go out and enjoy this summer with everything you’ve got!

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