Give Me Chaos by Jillian Ashe Review

Give Me Chaos Book Cover Give Me Chaos
Jillian Ashe
March 6, 2017

The fifth book in the Wolfegang series follows Katerina back to the top secret military base, Enzo, where she is Lt. Donnelly’s prisoner. The lieutenant puts her through tests and experiments to find out what makes her so special, and why the genetic enhancements aren’t degrading her brain. He wants answers for his own cure. Katerina might not survive his search for answers until General Ryojin shows up and changes the game completely.


Good Afternoon Everyone!!

Guess what? I have another Sci-fi review for y’all. I know, its wonderful news! Anyways this book belongs to the fabulous Jillian Ashe, an author that I was introduced by our very own blog owner and friend, Alisha. Originally Alisha was the one that recommended me to this series. Naturally being a romance-obsessed reader, I wasn’t sure if these books would be my cup of tea. But since they are sci-fi-fi books, they did fit my preferred genre. Now I am not saying that there is absolutely no romance, there is some but it’s not the main focus. Instead, these books are full of action and unwavering loyalty that ties between two siblings.

The newest installment of this series shows us the trials that Kat must face to protect the ones that she loves. In order to keep them safe, she must be a volunteered prisoner for the federation to perform experiments on. In this newest book, we get to meet some new characters and learn the role that they play in this intriguing story. General Ryojin is a charming character that you can’t help but trust, he seems to have all the answers Kat is looking for. Especially when Kat feels like there is nothing left fighting for. Ryojin helps her find the determination to keep fighting, to push until the learns everything she is capable of.

I do have to warn my fellow readers if you have read the previous books. I am sure that this book will be a rollercoaster of emotions for you. The author does a great job making you feel the same emotions as the characters. She gives you an inside look at what it is like to be them and the face the same struggles. When I finished this book, it became my favorite one out of the series. I can’t wait until my friends read this book and we can talk about it! But I know at this moment I can not say too much because I don’t want to spill spoilers.




Jillian Ashe lives and works in San Diego, California. While writing the Wolfegang series she attends University in pursuit of a Masters degree followed by a Doctorate in English and Creative Writing. She has been writing since age twelve and even wrote a few pieces for The La Jolla Light Newspaper. Her other hobby is to drive to L.A. and work in the film industry. Jillian’s favorite show is currently Game of Thrones. She loves makeup, Steampunk, making her own costumes when she has the time, and geeks out about Disney on a regular basis.

Jillian is working on finishing the Wolfegang series, and has a dark fairy tale series in the works called the Rose Chronicles. Kick-ass female protagonists is her favorite thing to write about, regardless of genre. She loves her readers, so feel free to contact her!

P.S I hope you guys have a wonderful day, don’t forget to check out Jillian’s newest book and pre-order it to join in all the sci-fi action and fun!

XOXO, Zara

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