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Brides of the Kindred
Evangeline Anderson
Sci-fi Romance

This is a plus length novel--133,000 words.

A warrior with a scarred heart who doesn’t know how to love. And the woman who must teach him how before it’s too late…

The son of the evil AllFather, Xairn is filled with conflicting emotions. On one hand, he has finally gained his freedom and cut the ties that bound him to his race and the sadistic male who is his father. But doing so has unleashed feelings in him Xairn would rather keep buried. Desires that he prayed would never manifest now rage through him and they are centered on one woman alone…

Lauren Jakes is the long lost cousin Liv and Sophie never knew they had. Abducted by the Scourge, she formed a connection with Xairn more meaningful than any other in his life. But though Lauren thinks she knows him, there is more to the huge Scourge warrior than she comprehends. A nightmare childhood and a cruel father have scarred Xairn’s heart almost past the point of healing. But that is nothing to the secret inside him—the forbidden desires coded into his very DNA itself, which urge him to commit unspeakable acts in order to sate his newly awakened hunger.

Now a conflict is brewing—both in Xairn’s soul, and aboard the Fathership where the twisted AllFather has hatched a new, malicious plot to bring his estranged son home. Can Xairn resist the brutal lust growing within him? Can he fight against his very nature which urges him to dominate and control any female he mates? Can Lauren heal his heart before the AllFather’s trap closes on both of them?
And can she teach him how to love before it’s too late?

If you have been reading the previous books, you should know all about Xairn. Even if you think you know everything about this character, this book will prove you wrong. The Fourth book in this series takes you for an adventure that you won’t forget.

Xairn has turn his back on his father and race in order to protect the Lauren. Who is in more danger then he expected. Not only are they running from the AllFather, but he have to fight their way through a planet that is only known for the skin trades. Including Xairn having to fight his natural Scourge urges to dominate Lauren.

I would love nothing more then to talk about every little detail in this book but I can’t because then I would be giving spoilers. But what I can tell you that Xairn character development has come a long way since the first few books. I loved reading this book, in fact I couldn’t put it down until I was done. I stayed up all night reading, I even accidentally hit my fiancé in the head with my kindle. Ops, don’t tell him. He didn’t wake up, so I am under the impression that he doesn’t know.

I also want to say that his book talks about BDSM and has BDSM is acted out.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. NSFW, 18+

XOXO, Zara

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