Fit & Fiction: Staying motivated in the New Year

It’s January and you know what that means, new years resolutions galore! Likewise, it means that there will be a resolution graveyard by February. I’m guilty of this; I am sure that I’ll stick to it every year but guess what? I normally don’t. This year I was hoping to work out every day of 2017 (whether it was walking, lifting, jogging, or yoga.) It didn’t happen due to complications with my Lupus but I’m refusing to let that break my new year spirit. My hopes of going a year without binge eating, focusing on my health, and losing 15lbs are still going strong. In my opinion, I will be able to keep these for a few reasons and I hope they will help you as well!



I didn’t pile on too many goals.

Every year it’s the same old thing. I have a list of 20 things I want to change in the new year and they’re all pretty big. This year I had 4 and only two of them would be difficult. I wasn’t able to keep up with working out, but I will be exercising more once my health improves. By keeping my list short, I won’t quit over small disappointments.

I give myself rewards.

Rewards are my biggest motivation to keep going. It could be a book or a new pair of jeans. Knowing that I earned it will keep me working on a goal. If you’re like me and you’re on a tight budget, you can always sign up for Achievemint , which gives you free gift cards for simple things like working out or logging your food choices into your favorite apps. No catches though it takes a while to earn points. If you have a fitbit, it’s much faster.

I join groups and make friends with similar goals.

Our Fit & Fiction group has helped me many times and is a great place to rant about my poor choices. It’s always a great idea to have support in your adventures. If you need to meet people with similar goals in your area, you have mean different options. First, you can check your library. Libraries aren’t just for books! I’ve always found diet or fitness groups at my local library. Don’t be afraid to ask the person at the desk for a schedule. Meetme and craigslist are also great places to meet people. It can be scary to meet people from the internet but they normally meet in public locations or have special days for new members.

I let myself have a bad day. 

How often do you cheat on your plan and that sends you into a black hole of bad choices? My cheat meals normally turn into cheat weeks. Not this year. Acknowledge that you had a cheat this one time, but that doesn’t mean you have to cheat again tomorrow. We all make mistakes but learning from those mistakes will make this year greater than the previous years.

While it’s always difficult to make changes in your life, I’m sure this year will be your year! I wish you all luck with your 2017 goals and making the changes in your life that you find necessary. If you made any goals this year, what are they? How are you doing so far?

I’m a geek blogger, mom, a wife, and a reader. My family and I are currently living in the beautiful state of Colorado. I started my blog after I landed myself in the hospital for multiple pulmonary embolisms. It took over a year to diagnose me with lupus among other things. It’s been a long journey but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I read all genres and I write about anything I feel like; From my issues with Lupus/RA/pulmonary embolisms to what is going on in the book world. Every day is a new adventure!
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