Discovery by Emma Jaye Review

Discovery Book Cover Discovery
Hybrid Series
Emma Jaye

Librarian's Note: Alternate-cover edition for ASIN: B00YSL7HQM

Enmeshed in a universe that wants to use her, a rare alien/human hybrid must find her way through political intrigue, lust, violence and ambition to discover who and what she is.

Chesara's extraordinary ability means she is coddled, pampered and in high demand from the wealthy of the Universe as she can heal illnesses and injuries far beyond the skills of medical science. Being pursued for herself, rather than her ability is a new experience, and one that thrills her to the core. Unfortunately things that seem too good to be true, usually are.

Contains graphic scenes M/F and some violence. It is intended for a mature audience only.

Word count: 72,000 plus 10% excerpt from Hybrid 2: Experiment.

This book was formerly published as Cat Clan Hybrid part 1.

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Have you ever reread a book and went back to look at your review and thought “No this is all wrong?” Well that is the feeling that I am having right now. Recently I’ve been having a issues reading some books. More like all of them, I tend to get distracted. Which leads me to put the book down and not read any more of it. Since I decided I just need to reread something that was familiar and I knew I would like. I went with Emma Jaye’s Hybrid series. Because it was one of the first sci-fi series I read for this blog.

I originally marked this book 4 stars the because of the multiple pos, but during the last year I have grown to appreciate the writing style. Since it does give you a bigger outlook on the story. Along with the satisfaction of being in the other characters head. First time I read this book I did not see the subtle hints the author put in place for the character development. At the beginning we find that Lord Tenset is a man that is loyal to his planet and is willing to do anything to “save it.” even if it not the most honest route. Plus him being a known womanizer that sleeps with women to do his bidding. Through the story you can see the changes he’s made to be a loving and dedicated partner to Chesara. Conner and Chesara relationship goes through a change as well, when they go from friends to lovers.  Chesara is a colorful alien hybrid that collect curse word for fun. She starts off a little naive but soon learns that not everything is what it seems. So I am saying A plus for the character development in this book.

On top of the book character development, this book is sic-fi. If you haven’t noticed by now, that genre is one of my favorites. You can never go wrong with an alien book.  This book is intended for mature audience and may have triggers for certain readers. So please be advised that this book can get dark and please read at your own risk. But if you like that sort of thing, then there shouldn’t be any issues. 



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