Damaged Pieces by Allie Able Review

Damaged Pieces Book Cover Damaged Pieces
Cape Isle
Allie Able
Contemporary Romance

KATIE: When I was left to raise my daughter alone, I decided dating just wasn't worth it. I never wanted my daughter to experience the kind of heartbreak only a man can give you and I didn't have the time, until Nicholas Sinclaire came walking into my life with his charming smile and his mischievous eyes. I just wish I would have known how it was going to end.

NICK: I knew she was it for me the moment I met her, but I had to leave. I had one more tour to do overseas and then I could come home to her for good. Little did we know, I wouldn't come back the same man. I was damaged beyond repair, so I pushed them away and hurt them. It didn't take me long to realize the mistake I had made. Now, I will stop at nothing to get them back in my life, but will Katie want my Damaged Pieces?

This book can be read as a standalone.


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“When something is damaged or broken, the pieces can be put back together, but they will never be the same.”


When you are damaged you have two options, give up and believe that you deserve nothing or keep fighting to stitch yourself back together.  I have noticed so far all the characters in this series has some sort of problem, a hard past or difficult trials to overcome. But you keep seeing them getting back up and dusting themselves off. It may be a fictional book, but it goes a long way into showing us what it means to do more than just survive. To show that even if we are shattered or damaged, we are still capable of living. We are capable of making our dreams come true.  We are capable of extraordinary things, if only you have enough strength to get back up.

In Damaged Pieces, we watch as Katie is left to raise her daughter on her own. We’re reading about her learning  how to open up again and let people in even if that person has the strength to destroy her.  She is a woman who is dedicated to seeing the other end of the tunnel. But what happens when promises are broken? How do you get back up? Nick, has a difficult trial ahead of him. He must fight the urge to give into the black web of despair, he has to learn how to get back up again. Will he let Katie show him how to stand up?  Or will he doom the future he imagined for them both.

The thing I like most about this book is watching the character’s struggle. Is that a little morbid? Let me explain why I love this in books. It’s because the author makes it feel real that way. Like you can relate to them on another level, they must fight and struggle to keep their head above the water and learn how to swim. Does that sound dark?  What I am trying to say is, there is no perfect life, no perfect couple, no perfect and flawless plan. Things go wrong and people make mistakes. I am looking forward to reading the third book in this series. It’s called Broken Pieces, after the first two books I am sure I will love reading all about Lexie and Zack! Keep an eye out for that up and coming review!





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