Boho Book Club Donations

If you would like to add your book, swag, or other neat items to the giveaway, you can do that here.  While we are extremely thankful for your kindness, we do have a few rules. This will keep the prize unique and fun each month!

We don’t accept e-books.

We will accept audio or physical¬†copies of most books. We will accept e-books If they are our current month’s book or next month’s book.

You are required to ship the item to either Alisha or the winner.

We don’t want to offer a prize and have the winner not receive that item. If you add a prize to the pot, you are required to ship that prize. If you don’t, it will result in removal from the book club.

Keep it PG-13!

We are planning on starting a more adult book club for books that may be considered too adult for some eyes. As for now, we need to keep it family friendly for our YA bloggers, bloggers that post for that age, and YA authors.

Perks for donating

This is the fun part! Everyone person that donates will get a perk depending on the item donated.

  • A feature on our blog
  • Free name entries for the drawing
  • Links on the giveaway
  • You, your brand, or a book will be featured on every post
  • and more to come!

Sign-up Form

Click here if you want to add an item to the giveaway.