Boho Book Club

Reading has never been this fun!

Welcome to the Boho Book Club page. I’m sure you’re wondering what it even is – it is an online book club that has its book decided by raffle. This is not only great for the blogs that participate but also for the authors that throw their name in the hat. As we get this party moving, we will have updates on this page. Be sure to check it often. If you have any questions, send them to me on Facebook.  ( The Bohemian Housewife ).

Who can join the Party Along book club?

Anyone can join the book club. It doesn’t matter if you’re a reader, a blogger, author, or PA. Everyone is welcome to party along with our group. We will also post updates on our Facebook group The Boho Geeks – Feel Free to join!

How is a book picked?

Before the start of each month, we have a drawing that we record on video. During this time we will draw the name of the book we will read along for the next month. It is completely random but the books can be added by anyone! You can add a book here – Boho Book Club Drawing

How does the read along work?

When the book is decided upon we will break up the chapters or pages by the week.  The bloggers that are signed up for the month will post weekly and everyone else will follow along with the hashtag #BohoBookClub

Who funds the giveaways?

Our biggest funding will be the fee to add a book to the drawing. You can add prizes to the pot if you’re interested.  Contact The Bohemian Housewife on Facebook if you wish to add a prize.

How can I participate?

Bloggers – We will post a sign up at the end of the month for our giveaway. This costs nothing! You just have to agree to follow along with our book club for that month. All you have to do is post weekly and add a link back to our main weekly post.  Your blog will be added to the giveaway options and you will be listed as a main blogger for the month.

Authors – If you want to blog along with us and have your name listed on the giveaway, sign up as a blogger. If you want to throw your name in the hat, you can read over our requirements here: Boho Book Club Drawing

Readers – Feel free to follow along! If you post on social media, please use our hashtag to be featured on our next weekly post! #bohobookclub

Can we get reminders?

I will be setting up reminder events in our Blog Facebook group. If you think you need them, feel free to join! The Boho Geeks

Don’t Forget the hashtag!

If you are blogging or following along, please use the hashtag #BohoBookClub so we can all find and support each other!