Boho Book Club: Resist the Machine by C.D. Verhoff: Week 3

Sorry week 3 is so late! I’m hoping to get internet set back up soon. Our sign-ups for November are still open if you’re interested in reading Jillian Ashe’s My Delicate Destruction. The emails for November will be getting sent out next week. I’ve read this book in the past and I know you’ll love it as well!

The December Drawing is coming up as well! If you have a book that fits our requirements, join our Boho Geek group and add it to the hat! We are waving the fee for now, but the books are cleared every month. Only books that have paid the fee stay every month. If you have any questions that aren’t answered by this post, feel free to message me or post in the group. I will answer the questions as fast as possible.

Now on to our Question and our secret word this week will be ‘Whoops!’ due to my extreme late-ness.

Clara needed to see the workings of a family because she believed the gang was all that was left. I doubt she had seen that much love before, even from those closest to her. While she did see the worse side of Luddites, they still showed concern for the war. I think may have revealed more than she has let on.

They seem set on completing this mission. I’m not sure how they will do it now, even now if a fugitive was put on the TV they would be found quickly. It’s going to be tough but giving up isn’t an option for them at this point if the Avant would even allow it in the first place.

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