Boho Book Club: Almost by Anne Eliot Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our book club!

This week is going to be a tad different as Judith from Platypire Reviews will be doing our video. The video will be posted Saturday as She has a takeover on her blog today. Be sure to go give Author Juliet Braddock some love on the Platypire Facebook Page today! If you want the secret word, you’ll have to watch the video tomorrow! It’s a great video….I know I laughed and I think you will too…since I edited it to be funny…..No one tell Joood.

While the video will be delayed by a day, the question will be up on all the blogs. We would still love your participation! Let us know what you thought this week! Don’t forget, we’re reading Pages 179-266 (Chapters 20-29) next week!

If you’re posting along with us, please add your link here!

Jess seems to be less nervous with every passing page. While it’s obvious she still isn’t completely comfortable around other people, she has lightened up towards Gray and his friends. As I said before, I think the contract was great for her even if that wasn’t its intended purpose. Onto Gray, I think he needs to talk to her parents, One to confess his feelings, the contract, and her deeper issues. This is a YA novel though, so I’m assuming that would be the worse choice for the younger crowd. He needs to at least tell her his true feelings.

What do you think?

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