Boho Book Club: Almost by Anne Eliot Week 1

Welcome to our first official week discussion for the Boho Book Club! I’m very excited to kick this month off with Almost by Anne Eliot. I met Anne at a book event a little over a year ago. She is a fantastic and fun person to be around. Easily one of the most memorable meetings I’ve had in the book community. That being said, I am just now starting to read her books! YES! I know, I’m awful. Mostly because I’m already hooked and cannot wait to see where this book leads me.

This week’s question is below and I would love to read your replies to it! We read pages 1-95 (Chapters 1-10) this week and we will be reading Pages 96-178 (Chapters 11-19) next week.

Having the bit of insight into each of the characters minds left me a bit torn on my thoughts. Jess needed Gray to accept her proposal, but it’s a step to hinder her progress while dealing with her PTSD. While I do think it will have a good outcome, she is actively going against the advice she has been given.

Now, I don’t know Gray’s complete story, but from what I know, I would have taken it. He needs the money, and this is a way to guarantee he would have what he needed. They also both like each other so it wouldn’t be too painful, though Jess tries to convince herself otherwise.

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What about you? Would you do anything differently? 

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