Boho Book Club: Almost by Anne Eliot Introduction!

We’re finally off the ground! This is our first official post for the Boho Book Club! This month we’re reading Almost by Anne Eliot. I had to read it in advance so I could gather our weekly questions for the month and give them to the others in the group. You guys are in for a TREAT! I’m so happy this is our first book! The winner of the giveaway below will so will also receive a signed copy of it along with many awesome goodies! It will be over at the end of the month, so be sure to get all your entries in! On to the details!

Our Pages For The Week:

We’re reading Pages 1-95 or Chapters 1-10 for our ebook and audiobook fans! Be sure to check back next Friday to answer our weekly question!

The Best Part: The Prizes!

One person will win all of these awesome items. Let me know what you think!

-20$ in PayPal cash or Amazon gift card! Think of all the books you could buy!

-Book Swag! Not just any, but it’s signed! I’ve been to enough events to have bags and bags of it! Not just book marks either 😉

-One fancy mug from the awesome people over at Indie Authors & Book Blogs! If you haven’t seen them, click their name to see their stuff!

-A freaking awesome game called ‘Bring your own book‘. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out. It’s like Cards Against Humanity but PG-13. Now for the twist: instead of a card, you play a line from the book you brought! You only have a certain amount of time to flip through it, so better find it fast!

-Of course, this will include a signed copy of the book and the author will be shipping some goodies separately!

If it’s your first time hearing about the ‘Boho Book Club’, check out our link in the menu at the top of the page.  If you’re a blogger, Sign ups for next month’s book will be starting shortly! Keep an eye out!


I want to send a special thank you to the people below for signing up for the first Boho Book Club!

Platypire Reviews and Deja Revu 

The Abominable Book Girl


J Rastelli Author

If you blogged an intro – Post it below!


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