Black History Month 2017

Starting this month, I’m going to do something a little different. My goal for the blog in 2017 is to post more frequently and to have a wider selection of diversity while also support our wonderful indie community. January was a bit rough for me so I’m starting this month for Black History Month. This is a great time to not only learn about Black History but also to celebrate some awesome authors – Some new to me and some I’ve known for a bit. I would like to thank the authors that have provided me their time this month. I know they’re very busy and I did pop up at the last minute. They have all been too kind.

Kayti Nika Raet, our first author I have been a fan of for awhile. She wrote The Outsider Chronicles, and I really enjoyed the two I’ve read in the series. The short story ‘Pale and Crimson’ and ‘Niko’ are both currently free.  She writes

We will also have Harper Miller, an author I haven’t read yet but I have heard good things. I should be posting reviews to all of her stories as I believe I will have time to read them.  She writes erotica, from what I’ve seen.

Shea Swain will be our third author of the month. I will be reading her book ‘Chained to the Devil’s Son’ and I’m excited about this one as well. I believe it is a dark romance.

I don’t have a fourth author set in stone yet, but I will update when/if I do. Currently, I have thought about doing posts about books I really enjoyed that are from larger authors.

We should lift diversity above all else throughout every year, not just ‘their month’.  The only way we can become truly equal is by raising People of color, those of us with disabilities, our LGBTQIA above ourselves. This will not only bring awareness to the inequality, but also to the constant whitewashing/ableism that our society pushes. Being a white American, and not having a clue about the struggle of Black Americans, it kills me when I hear my family and friend say that we have equality because we clearly do not.  This is our small contribution to the ever growing gap equality.

I’m a geek blogger, mom, a wife, and a reader. My family and I are currently living in the beautiful state of Colorado. I started my blog after I landed myself in the hospital for multiple pulmonary embolisms. It took over a year to diagnose me with lupus among other things. It’s been a long journey but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I read all genres and I write about anything I feel like; From my issues with Lupus/RA/pulmonary embolisms to what is going on in the book world. Every day is a new adventure!
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