Welcome to The Bohemian Housewife! It’s a blog of many random thoughts. From all things geek to weight loss and motherhood. The Bohemian Housewife was started in 2014, while we lost most of our content early 2016 we are still going strong. Alisha was the first blogger on the page, hence the name but over the years many others have joined. Instead of changing the website, we decided to just keep it.


The Bohemian Housewife blog reviews all genres – no joke. We love fiction and nonfiction! We may not be reviewing every genre at one time, due to us all having different tastes. Just give us time. We do open our requests when we have completed our queue. Sadly, it closes very quickly. If you’re interested in a book review – Check out our review page: The Bohemian Housewife Review Policy

We also review products and geek things – As we don’t get as many product reviews, we are always open to receive a product review request.  If you have a product you would like us to review, contact me on Facebook: The Bohemian Housewife 

Boho Book Club

I’m sure you’re wondering what the ‘Boho Book Club’ is – The simple answer is an online book club that has its book decided by raffle. Long answer? You’re going to have to read our Book Club page! The Boho Book Club

Lupus Diary

If you’re looking for Alisha’s posts on her chronic illnesses, you can find them here: Lupus Diary. Her posts have been featured on The Mighty. You can also follow her story on there with this link: Alisha Webster on The Mighty

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